If Only Blood Was Red is an illustrated fantasy story created to present my portfolio.
Most of my work is mainly based on that project although a few side projects are also posted on the website.
In this universe, what’s left of humans strive to survive in a land that doesn’t welcome them.
Each illustration has a vocation to show an aspect of this story (locations, protagonists, customs…) and as this project is still in progress, modifications may occur if needed.

Hope you’ll enjoy this tale and feel free to give feedback 😉



(credit for the font goes to Rachel Lauren Adams)




Once a queen in a world that gave her everything, humanity was forced to leave its lands of origin because of the resource depletion, thus undertaking expeditions to find a new home. However, their cost and danger inflicted a heavy human toll, reducing the initial population to only 10%.

It’s not until 50 years later of sea crossing and arduous exploration that humans finally discovered a huge island meeting the criteria of a viable civilization (fertile soil, drinking water…), thus naming it Aransula (litt. « shelter island »).

If the first outposts creation has been without a hitch, it was neglecting hostilities from local creatures that rapidly emerged to stem this massive invasion.

So the blood flowed. As a red river for humanity. As iridescent flows for autochtons.

Seeing this carnage, 5 humans rose among their peers and organized them as « factions » to pass on their knowledge and gain edge over their opponents.
Although risky, the strategy worked and humans kept the Aboriginals at bay, allowing them to start investing in this new territory.

Now based on Aransula for the last few hundred years, humanity is now able to maintain a precarious peace under this same factions system. There are now 12, their goals have been specified, their policies step up and the activities of each contribute to sustain societal life.

However, the repeated isolated attacks and the constant threat of a new conflict reduce humanity morale and internal disagreements concerning the attitude to adopt are beginning to emerge.

Humanity wouldn’t have to endure it if only blood was red

Colored-Blood Threats

4 great threats said « colored-blood » stood up against human colonization, being :

  • Blue-Blood Threat : refers to a colonialist vampire people. They were able to cohabitate on the territory by settling down in the underground. However, this confinement greatly brought out their beastly nature.

  • Green-Blood Threat : refers to magical creatures from Edernia Forest. Being an ancestral domain of Aransula, Edernia is the cradle of many magical creatures born from the natural mana.

  • Black-Blood Threat : refers to the manifestations of mana corruption. The abusive exploitation and diversion of Aransula’s mana by humans gradually corrupted it, creating entities born from their emotions called « demons ».

  • Golden-Blood Threat : refers to the 4 guardians of Aransula, legendary creatures living in isolated environments, each one embodying a natural element.




12 factions are organising human life in Aransula, each one of them meeting societal needs.

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