Villard’s Executive Board

When Villard is out for business, he relies on his board to take care of the Foundation affairs.
A powerful team acting in the shadows to advice management and supplement his autority when needed.

Zofya, Foundation Etiquette

An iron fist in a velvet glove, Zofya maintains the Foundation image similarly to hers ; elegant and refined.

Renapold, Financial Guardian

With Renapold as a treasurer, Villard knew that gold would be in safe hands. Under this jaunty façade, hides a finance shark.

Elijah, Child Prodigy

Despite still having the body of a 12 years old boy, Elijah has a rare intelligence. Villard made him his progeny after taking this gifted orphan child under his wing.

Gallantine, Council Advocate

Gallantine acts as the legal advisor of the Foundation. Her expertise of laws and jurisdiction is a precious resource.