Council Hive, Mind Buzz

Leaders of the Echoes of Demaria.


You haven’t met them but they know you.

You try to burry your secrets but they found them out.

You think about escaping them but it’s already too late…


Seraphina, First Voice of the Council

Despite being blind, she’s connected to the other four Voices, allowing her to borrow their perceptions and powers.

Her ability is to establish mind link with people, to share a collective consciousness.


Abalona, Voice of Diffusion

Abalona spreads the news of Aransula all over the county of Demaria by relaying her thoughts to a local scale.

Her ability is telepathy.


Dissenya, Voice of Revelation

The shy and quiet Dissenya is in charge of the mental police, using her power to uncover dark secrets.

Her ability is mind reading.


Ellendra, Voice of Suggestion

Sultry and seductive, the beautiful Ellendra uses her charms to make people keep worshipping the Hive.

Her ability is seduction.


Librona, Voice of Injuction

Having an intimidating presence and a powerful voice, Librona reminds the Hive’s authority to Demaria’s people.

Her ability is verbal command.